The RDS ECHO is a new cell/sat product that has been engineered with many unique configurations like dual 5G modems offering load balancing, Wi-Fi 6, cellular data, satellite phone capabilities, and more. Designed as a hub for centralized emergency communications, the RDS ECHO comes complete as a standalone piece of equipment or as a building block for more complex Satcom solutions.

Thoughtfully designed Rapid Deployable Solutions (RDS) are a necessity for First Responders, especially for communication systems. The Emergency Communications Hub Operations (ECHO) center was designed with this in mind. The ruggedized design of the ECHO enables true cellular bonding, not just load balancing and enhanced design flexibility.


"Our goal was to build a flexible solution that could adjust with the First Responders as their needs change. The RDS ECHO's modular design does just that.”

- Jerry Creekbaum. CTO, Expedition Communications.


The standard base model comes complete with


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