July Week 1: VSAT Installations and Maintenance

We hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  We had a few installations and maintenance jobs leading into the holiday weekend.  The pictures are from a antenna installations in Colorado and another in Ohio. Service Locations FRESNO, CA COLORADO SPRINGS, CO BROCKTON, MA MADISON, MS CARY, NC WILLISTON, ND DE WITT, NE ENDICOTT, NE … Read more

June Week 4: Mountain Range Deployment

We travel around the world to better the communications of our clients so they can expand their reach into new areas of business or to help one another through emergencies, mission critical projects and to coordinate clearly across the globe.  So we deploy on remote islands, rough terrain and through rain and snow.  One of … Read more

June Week 3: Antenna & Radar Tower Work

Our satellite technicians covered a lot of ground this 3rd week of June.  They journeyed out to beautiful Puerto Rico for an Antenna deployment to further expand communications in that area for a long time client of ours.  We also have a few pictures of an satellite installation on a radar tower accompanied with some photos … Read more

June Week 2: Completed Satellite Projects

We had another busy week completing projects with 30 deployments ranging from Calgary Alberta, Tennessee and Texas.  Our techs were flying from project to project and took great pictures of their work, enjoy! Service Locations BENTON, AR BARSTOW, CA SACRAMENTO, CA CALGARY, AB, CANANDA HAMILTON, ON, CANADA CENTENNIAL, CO COLORADO SPRINGS, CO DENVER, CO LAKE … Read more

June Week 1: VSAT Projects from Canada to Texas

We spent a good amount of time setting up VSATs in Canada last week traveling between Chapleau, Etobicoke and White River.  On the other side of the map we had 5 jobs in beautiful Texas.  Even though we had 25+ installations out techs were only able to capture just a few pictures to display. Service … Read more

May Week 4: VSAT Work Photos

May has come to a close, it was a really busy month for us but never too much.  For the last week of may our techs completed some satellite work in Canada, a few locations in our home state California and completed projects in Oklahoma, Texas and more. Service Locations BURLINGAME, CA DOWNEY, CA GLENDALE, CA … Read more

May Week 3: Satellite Antenna Projects

Last week was a great week completing projects for clients across the nation and had a single job out in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.  The pictures below come from our techs in Colorado, Virginia and Mississippi. Service Locations PARKER, CO ATLANTA, GA CHICAGO, IL UNIVERSITY PARK, IL CARMEL, IN GULFPORT, MS SIDNEY, MT CARY, NC … Read more

May Week 2: 20+ Satellite Installations

In the 2nd week of may, we deployed antennas in Florida’s beautiful capital Tallahassee, we had technicians in 4 different cities of Texas and also a satellite installed in Jayuya, Puerto Rico. As always our techs has uploaded some images of their work to show, below are a list of other locations we completed work … Read more

May Week 1: Satellite Integrations

We executed over 20+ satellite integrations last week including new deployments and some maintenance calls in Georgia, Las Vegas and in Texas.  A few pictures of our efforts are below: Service Locations HUNTSVILLE, AL BAKERSFIELD, CA SAN JOSE, CA DOVER, DE PENSACOLA, FL ALMA, GA ATLANTA, GA PEACHTREE CITY, GA LOUISVILLE, KY MANKATO, MN MORGANTON, … Read more

04/27 – 05/03: VSAT Installations & Transportation

We are getting close to the 450 installations/deployments mark and we are only halfway through the year.   We have sent our techs into exotic locations, up north to Canada and other regions of the world with pictures to show their work.  One picture we haven’t yet shared with you is how we get around…our main form … Read more