Oil & Rig Internet Solutions

Networking remote fields and offshore oil rigs can be fast and affordable with VSAT satellite internet from Expedition Communications. Specializing in bringing telecommunications systems for the Oil & Gas industry to hard-to-reach locations, Expedition Communications’ team of engineers taps an average of 15 years of experience in fieldwork when developing and installing satellite communications systems for oil fields.

Satellite Internet

We utilize broadband VSAT systems with up to 200 Mbps speeds to deploy corporate networks and VPNs at your most outlying sites. These systems are ideal for mobile and temporary locations for regions not serviced by broadband infrastructure or cellular coverage. VSAT systems for the Oil & Gas sector offers secure, reliable connectivity virtually anywhere.

Engineer in front of refinery

Wireless Networks

Quickly and efficiently network remote locations for the Oil & Gas industry with wireless networks installed by Expedition Communications. These wireless networks provide the accessibility and mobility your teams require on-site.