Healthcare VSAT & Networking

Develop HIPAA-compliant, secure healthcare VSAT telecommunications infrastructure for your practice, hospital or administrative services with Expedition Communications. Maximize your investment and improve workflows and efficiencies, whether you’re a sole practitioner or are coordinating multiple sites with hundreds of beds.

Satellite Internet

Leverage the power of broadband internet with secure, dependable VSAT systems. With speeds up to 200 Mbps and accessible from virtually any location, VSAT gives even the most remote practices modern internet capabilities.

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Contingency Planning

Can your practice survive without internet? Stay online with VSAT contingency systems, and remain productive and billable even when traditional networks are down.

Sattelite Internet at Hospital

Wireless Networks

Securely share patient data and optimize your staff workflow with wireless networks optimized for maximum coverage in your location. Fully compatible with HIPAA-compliant IT standards, your practice thrives with:

  • Networked handheld devices
  • Security and surveillance systems
  • Instant data backup services
  • Practice productivity, billing and quality data

Digital Media Displays

Digital signage is an impactful way to share timely information with patients and guests. Best of all, digital signs are easy to install and update remotely. Learn more about suitable signage options for both indoor and outdoor use. From single screens to full video walls, we're sure you can find something suitable for your needs.