Expedition Communications provides rapidly deployable, high-bandwidth, reliable, and secure wireless solutions throughout the world to ensure secure and always-on connectivity between your networked systems.  We install dual mode 4G/3G wireless systems that guarantee uninterrupted internet access utilizing comprehensive failover smart applications, your wireless internet communications are always on.  Our expertise in integrated service routers such as Cradlepoint and Cisco 4G LTE Gateway routers ensures reduced deployment times and connectivity in stationary and mobile networks.

Markets that benefit from our wireless device installations include industrial automation, financial, health care, utility, transportation and retail.  Deliver sensitive data from credit card transactions to voice and video communications to a variety of devices.  Improve your machine to machine network systems ability to stream video content to your display systems, Kiosks Connectivity, mobile POS systems, ATM’s, wireless surveillance, VOIP phones, tablets/iPadsin the field and many more applications.

We setup and configure your wireless network systems with features such as:

  • Instant Backup Solutions
  • Remote Management – Easily configurable
  • Failover Applications
  • Machine to Machine Networks
  • Secure Data Transmission
  • Maximized Floor Coverage
  • Carrier Flexibility and Compatibility
  • Mobile Broadband Installations

During the wireless device installation process we ensure business continuity with always on internet connections, fast drop in solutions that works with your current network and IT equipment.  Use 4g to power your network with speeds that are as fast as Cable/DSL with instant network availability for your agents throughout the world.  Improve your operations and optimize communications by choosing Expedition Communications as your wireless systems installer and solutions provider.

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