We pride ourselves in accurately gauging the communication needs of our clients.  Through the installation and maintenance of iDirect, satellite internet and VSAT systems we achieve our primary goal:  customer satisfaction.  To that end, Expedition Communications offers an on-line internet based, self-service portal that stays open 24/7 to manage your business interactions in real-time.



Work Order Management

Receive real time site surveys, photos, on the job updates and service receipts with sign-offs all on your iPhone, Android or other Smart Phone. With the provided tools you are able to search, edit, schedule, and complete orders from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Dashboard Status and Real Time Reports

Our onsite technicians, no matter where they are in the world, are connected to vital information pertaining to your project with up to date and quick reporting that can be delivered to you immediately. Quickly view your report and order status via our mobile application.




Up To Date Customer Portal System

We have extensive failsafe systems which keeps all data synced and your project running smoothly during communications outage or when installation occurs in highly remote areas.

We would like to hear from you so we can create an immediate solution to your communication needs.

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