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Oil and Rig companies needs ways to establish private VSAT networks with high bandwidth speeds for critical communications.  With the demands of on-the-move or mobile maritime connectivity increasing, VSAT systems are perfect for transmitting voice, broadband data, or video conferencing from offshore oil and gas drilling rigs.  Expedition Communications helps fulfill the mobile and high bandwidth applications that Oil and Gas companies need to ensure their operations run at optimal efficiency with minimal loss to communications.

Our services utilize the right systems that fit your vessels needs. We custom plan and design the communication platform that will keep ship owners, managers, officers and the crew connected seamelessly around the world. When a vessel travels, navigation, ship management tools to weather data must be available real time for complete global connectivity from always-on VSAT communications.

You can count on our VSAT communication systems to be reliable, interoperable and cost-effective.  Our installation and maintenance services increase the availability of your maritime communication equipment and connectivity offshore and in remote areas such as Haiti, the Caribbean, Latin America or even the hinterlands in Africa.

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