Does your organization need to restore or establish communication systems for victims of disasters?  Expedition Communications has partnerships with telecom operators and relief organizations to ensure we have necessary access requirements and resources to restore systems efficiently and quickly. Satellite communications play a huge role for organizations that are in need of reliable broadband data services.  Our quick response and rapid deployment infrastructure aids with unpredictable and critical situations around the globe.  We coordinate with disaster relief organizations in ensuring that essential communications are established and continues to work throughout the operation.

Latest Projects

Communication projects ranging from disaster aide to non-profit installations.

  • International System of Communications Service

    International System of Communications Service
  • Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)

    Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
  • Hurricane Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy
  • 2010 Haiti Earthquake

    2010 Haiti Earthquake

Getting your team to organize and keep in touch is our main priority.  Providing the tools needed to keep a response team in contact from the onset of a disaster to the restoration efforts, aids in the safety of many victims and your staff.  From replacing VSAT hardware, LNB’s, Satellite Modems, cabling and antennas, we have a wide range of satellite services available for any situation.   We have 35 years of experience with thousands of communication system services and some of them we provided help for disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and the earthquake in Haiti.

 Equipment used during emergency communication restoration:


Organizations come to Expedition Communications for professional service and high competency in the satellite communication field.  Give us a call when you need seamless communication integrations and fast and scalable roll-out services.

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