We integrate and install innovative satellite communication systems that enable fast and secure communications to remote locations. We provide the link to tech-ready applications for troops and bases out of reach of terrestrial networks, with a variety of satellite network services. With our global mobile technologies the military and their contractors integrate our SATCOM systems in their aircraft’s, vehicles and seagoing vessels. Our solutions are adaptable and provide solid, high performance communications wherever the campaign goes.

Communication Benefits:

  • Command and Control
  • Instant Actionable Information
  • Improve Situational Awareness
  • Connect War-fighters Anywhere
  • Share Encrypted & Trusted Intel
  • Seamless Communications

Our satellite services address the intricate challenges and situations of on-the-go military operations. Our SATCOM platforms are easy to use satellite terminals that are vital for rapid deployment and robust communications for transmitting data, voice and high speed data to troops anywhere. Efficient and reliable communications is vital, going with Expedition Communications provides military and defense agencies with 35 years of satellite experience and world wide expertise in reliable SATCOM equipment.

Satellite Internet access and other broadband services:

  • Satellite networks for fixed-site & mobile communications
  • Networking and encrypted data storage
  • Wireless data-links and terminals for combat situational awareness
  • Cyber-security & Information Assurance for military
  • Mobile IP networking for soldiers
  • Satellite network and RF system design
  • Communication simulation and training systems

A Few SATCOM Projects





Our experts are located in different regions of the world, ensuring rapid response to any communication emergencies.  We have experience in VSAT, iDirect and other satellite communications systems. With our call-out and rapid response services, we are available 24 hours a day to quickly resolve any equipment failures.

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