Expedition Communications integrates VSAT satellite solutions into any hotel and motel network in the hospitality business.  If your company needs connectivity for your reservation system and other related back-office applciations using us gives you the confidence of 35 years of experience and thousands of VSAT deployments worldwide. We bring solutions to the hospitality industry with regard to their connection requirements and guest networks. Provide internet access to guest Guests which can generate additional revenue stream for any hotel by billing for internet use. Spur growth and view real-time sales and transactions data throughout your properties with more bandwidth, reliable connection and faster transmission speeds.


  • Connectivity where ADSL or Cable cannot be accessed.
  • Securely Facilitate your Data, Video and voice Transmissions
  • Rapid deployments for new properties
  • Redundancy and Disaster Recovery



If you need to centralize your billing and guest management applications remotely or connect more properties, then implementing a high quality, reliable VSAT communications link that provides flexibility and scalability is what you need. We design and fully manage tailor-made networks with rapid VSAT roll-outs especially in areas where no infrastructure exists.  The hospitality industry can benefit from our VSAT systems by improving guest service quality and gain maximum revenue with the ability to manage multiple property locations. Our platforms and services keeps your cost in mind, while still getting the full service your company needs 24/7.

Contact our representatives who will guide you through a solution that meet your needs.