Expedition Communication has over 35 years of experience setting up and maintaining financial communications.  We are one of the most trusted satellite communication companies when it comes to cost-effective installations and fully functional satellite systems. Transmitting sensitive data requires reliable and secure communications.  Expedition Communications specializes in private and encrypted satellite connections between networked locations to ensure financial and banking transactions are secure.

We can give you the security and bandwidth you need for your financial services in rural and remote areas, and to avoid dependence on unreliable local networks.  Using our services offers you more affordable than traditional satellite options.  Our services are extensive: VSAT satellite modem/antenna, satellite bandwidth, and interoperable network infrastructure make up the entire satellite platform to provide communications between Remote ATM’s, Office Branches,  Credit Card services, Payday Lenders and more.

We can help with a wide range of financial applications:

  • Remote ATM Connectivity
  • Secure Private VPN’s
  • Reliable Transactions
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Standard Office Systems


We have years of experience in deploying your platform quickly and getting your remote financial locations connected.  With Expedition Communications experience and expertise you get 24/7 support in all areas of the world, give us a call to get started. 877-410-8101

Customers We Work With: